Wednesday, June 26, 2019

052 Rubicon

Defying Gravity S01E05
Episode Script Rubicon

Point of no return.
 It sounds simple. You step across the line, and you focus only on the way ahead. No going back. Sounds like a good way to live life. Look only ahead. Put the bad stuff behind you and move on. But that's impossible. Your past always finds you. During the days of the Roman republic, crossing the Rubicon river with an army was considered an act of war. In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar ignored that law. He made the choice to cross the river, leading to civil war, the end of the republic and his own deification. I'd say Caesar won.


 There are no promises of a positive outcome, no guarantees, that, like Caesar, we'll wind up with an empire. All we can really count on is that things will change and that we'll have to live with the results. And that's the hard part. Because we're defined by our past. We can rethink our choices a million times. But what we decide, we own. It becomes a part of who we are. And while we may be crossing the river, our footprints will always remain on the other side.